Frankley Community High School

Frankley Community High School

"Birmingham's most improved school" 2008-2011

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The law requires that every student should attend school and be on time (1996 Education act).  It is better to be late than not to be in school at all, BUT when students arrive late it makes it difficult for everyone.  The teacher has to stop and wait for the latecomer to settle down, the rest of the class is disrupted and the latecomer misses the, often vital, first part of the lesson and will receive a consequence (please refer to ‘Getting it Right’). 

Students who arrive after registration must sign in at main reception and receive a late slip.  Students that arrive late more than once in a week will receive a C4 detention.

When the whole class arrives on time, registration takes place smoothly and the day starts with confidence and a feeling of security.If you are aware your child will be arriving late, please send them with a note explaining the circumstances e.g. unplanned appointment at the doctors.



Welcome to Balaam Wood Academy 

"Inspire, Succeed, Achieve"

At Balaam Wood Academy we have a very clear vision. We want every student to leave us prepared for life and work in the 21st century.


We have high aspirations for, and high expectations of every single one of our students. We strive for success for all. We challenge and support every student to achieve the best results they possibly can and also to gain the skills they need to become the best possible citizens they can be.

We are committed to providing a safe, caring, happy, challenging and structured learning community where each student is nurtured and feels valued and is motivated to reach their full potential.

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